Lexi | 20 | She / Her | African-American


Since 2011, I have been honing my artistic skills transition from traditional artwork to digital art and illustration. My artwork now is primarily based off of Japanese culture, which presents itself in original compositions and fan works through dark hues and vibrant colors.


  • Anime

  • Final Fantasy

  • Comedy Shows

  • Baking

  • Singing

Most cons are cancelled due to COVID-19 so I'm sorry. Look out for 2021! In the meantime, check out my store in early June.


Yuva'to Mhuksocco

Nickname: Yuva / Yuvi

Server / Home World: Zalera/Crystal

Free Company:
Bigfoot Hunters / BFH

Bio: After losing his home and his parents in the Calamity, Yuva'to took it upon himself to look after him and his younger sister Emal'ye by becoming an adventurer in Ul'dah. One fateful day after saving a stranger, Yuva'to learned about the power of the Echo. Thus he began his journey discovering his true purpose as a Warrior of Light.

Expansion: Shadowbringers Endgame (5.2 content)
Send me a message via Discord if you would like to play


Alternative accounts

I have some alts accounts that I play causally on. You will see me mostly play as Yuva. Highlighted alts are accounts I am on frequently

Emal'ye Mhu <BSOBA> (Zalera/Crystal)Zerah Rie (Sargatanas/Aether)Myne Akagane (Zalera/Crystal)