Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a digital artist, illustrator and currently a computer science major at college. I'm passionate about art and technology. I love exploring different art mediums, from sketching to painting, and I'm always experimenting with new ideas! My works can be found in a multitude of fandom spaces and professional settings. I'm an avid anime fan and enjoy Japanese culture, and I'm also a huge foodie. In my free time, I love baking, cooking, singing and playing FFXIV.

Otakon 2023tbd
Monkeycon 2023August 5
stand by me; lyric tribute to final fantasy xv
for hearth and home; final fantasy xv kingsglaive fan-zine
legend of avatar; fan-zine
a vague idea of what promare is about; a zine
the trios of heart; kingdom hearts fan-zine
naruto mix-up no jutsu; fan-zine
zines pieces can be found here